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Lin Orthodontics · May 18, 2021

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Welcome to Lin Orthodontics--we are so glad to have you here. For those of you who are new to us, we want to introduce ourselves. We’re a team of orthodontic professionals who are passionate about our patients, the Atlanta community, and the good work of creating beautiful and balanced smiles. Dr. Nancy Lin takes an individual and holistic approach to orthodontics. She believes technical expertise and innovation should be balanced with the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals.

For Dr. Lin, launching her own orthodontic practice was a journey driven by her values. Raised by hard-working immigrant parents, Dr. Lin learned the value of hard work, excellence, beauty, and the importance of taking a balanced approach to everything she does. When Dr. Lin had the opportunity to move to Atlanta to work alongside Dr. Burstein, and eventually take over the practice, she knew it was an opportunity to bring her values to life through orthodontic care.  

After previously experiencing corporate, one-size-fits-all orthodontics, Dr. Lin knew she wanted something different for her practice. That is why at Lin Orthodontics, we care about each patient and take a personal, smile-by-smile approach. We never apply unnecessary innovation or techniques, and you’ll only pay for treatment you actually need. This approach enhances the balance and beauty of each smile while providing a patient experience that’s unmatched.

The pursuit of excellence, beauty, and balance is a team effort. And at Lin Orthodontics, we’ve assembled a team that pursues these values with great joy. From the moment you walk through the doors of Lin Orthodontics, you’ll experience the warmth, encouragement, joy of our community. We work hard and provide excellent results, and we have a great time doing it. Come experience the difference a joyful, holistic approach to orthodontics can make.

To learn more about Lin Orthodontics, or to schedule your free, virtual consultation, visit our website here today. We can’t wait to meet you.

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